Paranormal Agent Mystery

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Urban fantasy series by Fatima Fayez. If you like feisty heroines, dark secrets, and magical mystery with twists and turns then check out the Paranormal Agent Mystery series.

Recommended Reading Order:

Magic Lies

Hunting a serial killer can be hazardous to your health.

I’m Agent Selena Valeron and I’ve just been handed the biggest case of my career: hunting the magical community’s most prolific serial killer, Xavier.

Lately the dead women on the morgue table bear an eerie resemblance to me. A shocking revelation indicates the killer is someone from my past—if I can remember it. Years ago, an accident wiped out my memory and threatened to end my career. Now my magical powers seem to be manifesting into something stronger.

Was my memory loss really an accident, or a failed murder attempt?

Time’s ticking as I dig through my past to find the killer. I need answers. If I can’t get them in time, I’ll lose friends, family—even my own life.

MAGIC LIES is a fast-paced urban fantasy mystery with plenty of thrilling twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Agent Valeron may have lost her memory, but she hasn’t lost her snarky attitude and she’s still a badass witch. Jump into this magical world and start reading the Paranormal Agent Mystery series today!

Magic Alias

What if the past two years of your life were a lie?

What if the past two years of your life were a lie?

Yesterday, I believed I was the smartest witch at the supernatural agency. My magic and power made me their most effective agent, reclaiming stolen artifacts and tracking down dangerous rogues.

Today, I know the organization I work for is actually a front for a sprawling criminal network that threatens to upend the paranormal world. It only took a serial killer to break the news to me and turn my world upside down.

All this time, I believed the agency didn’t know about my dark secret but it turns out I was the mark all along. Now I have to figure out how deep I’m in.

Tomorrow, I’m taking them down.

I’m having a bad day and I have a feeling it’s about to get worse.

If you like feisty heroines, dark secrets, and magical mystery with twists and turns, then check out MAGIC ALIAS, the first book in the new Paranormal Agent Mystery series.

Magic Agent

Secrets never remain hidden for long. Sooner or later they’ll come out.

My magic was supposed to be an agent for change but we all know that power corrupts.

I have to decide whether to seize it or push it away.

Either way, it might wind up destroying me.

If you like feisty heroines, dark secrets, and magical mysteries with twists and turns then check out MAGIC AGENT, the second installment in the Paranormal Agent Mystery series.

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